VSL #3 Capsules (60 caps) *** Shipped in a Cooler with Medical Grade Ice Bricks ***

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  • VSL#3 Probiotics formula became Dairy Free after January 31st of 2016
  • Gluten Free, Kosher as well as Halal certified.
  • Manufactured in Italy

VSL#3 is a medical food for the dietary management of ulcerative colitis, an ileal pouch or irritable bowel syndrome. The recommended intake of VSL#3 for adults and children is highlighted below but ranges from 225 billion (2 capsules) to 3600 billion (8 packets or four DS packets) a day, or as directed by your physician.

VSL#3 is a potent probiotic medical food that delivers the highest available concentration of beneficial live bacteria of any probiotic in the world

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More Information
Brand VSL3
Size 60
Form Capsules

For the Dietary Management in Adults

Recommendation for VSL#3
capsules per day
packets per day
packets per day
Dietary management of gas and bloating in IBS 2-4 capsules 1 packet N/A
Dietary management of ulcerative colitis (UC) 4-8 capsules 1-2 packets 1 DS packet
Dietary management of active UC 8-16 capsules 2-4 packets 1-2 DS packets
Dietary management of ileal pouch (pouchitis) N/A 2-4 packets 1-2 DS packets

For the Dietary Management in Children

Capsules = 112.5 billion bacteria, JUNIOR packets = 225 billion bacteria and DS = 900 billion bacteria

intake by age
Dietary Management of active
ulcerative colitis (flaring)
Dietary Management of
ulcerative colitis (maintenance)
Less than 2 years 1-3 capsules per day
(open & add to soft food or beverages)
1 capsule per day
(open & add to soft food or beverages)
2-5 years 2-3 capsules or 1 JUNIOR packet per day
(open & add to soft food or beverages)
1-2 capsules per day
(open & add to soft food or beverages)
6-11 years 2-4 JUNIOR packets or 4-8 capsules per day 1-2 JUNIOR packets or 2-4 capsules per day
12-17 years 4-8 JUNIOR packets or 1 DS packet per day 2-4 JUNIOR packets or 1/2-1 DS packet per day

For children, the amount consumed per day varied by age, weight and clinical study. For further reading and interest, here are the links to some of the data supporting the dietary management of VSL#3 designations in children.

Supplement Facts

8 strains of live freeze dried bacteria [112.5 billion CFU], microcrystalline cellulose, stearic acid, magnesium stearate, hydroxypropyl-methylcellulose (= 00 size vegetarian capsule) and silicon dioxide.

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Heat Sensitive Yes
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